The Northern Climbers

The Northern Climbers

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.-- Greg Child



The Northern Climbers


This Website is a dedication and a diary to the adventures of three Newcastle lads that have found a passion in climbing. This is our way of sharing our lives and experiences with the world and we hope you can come with us and enjoy what you see and read.



Both myself and my brother have welcomed new editions into our family recently, my daughter was born this month and is doing well and my brother also has a baby girl. So we have been a very occupied as of late, but they are both stunning and certainly future Northern Climbers.


Mont Blanc is still planned for August 2015, we are securing corprate sponserships currently and started training again. Plenty of time to add more Diarys and great pictures.


I have launched my Just Giving Page for Mont Blanc, please take a minute to visit and if you can please spare a few pounds for a cause close to my heart.




What we do


We climb together every month, we choose a climb that stimulates our extreme appetite and plan what is next. We also climb on our local climbing wall weekly. We all have high ambitions as you will read in our bio sections and have a lot more planned for the future.




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