Bidean Nam Bian

The Northern Climbers

Bidean Nam Bian (First Munro)

Diary 25/05/2013

We decided to take a month out to train for the next one. Which was planned to be Aonach Eagach on the 26th May. Mountains over 1000 meter height are tough enough without a 5 hour grade 1-2 grade scramble involved. Leading up to the weekend we decided to do something to pass the time away. Bidean Nam Bian, the highest peak in the Glencoe range and the unfortunate mountain that has claimed many lives this winter. Our hearts go out to those families. So we felt we could give them a fitting tribute and attempt what they had in better conditions. They day was blistering, I wasn’t 100% confident due to a heavy snow line on the ridge so I called for backup to come and assist to be sure. This mountain is not to be taken lightly. The day turned into the hardest, best and most rewarding climb of all our experience so far. It was amazing as you will see below. I would recommend this mountain to anyone. Unfortunately it took to much out of us and the weather changed the next day so we had to put of Aonach the next day but we will be back in July to tick her off too.


Loch Lomond

Aonach Eagach

The Three Sisters

The Lost Valley

Looking East on the ridge across Stob Coire Sgreamhach

Ben Nevis

Summit Bidean Nam Bian

Perfect view worth the long climb

stunning views on the way down too

Bidean Nam Bian Movie

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