Haystacks 12th January

The Northern Climbers

Haystacks 12th January from Gategarth up the right gully


From Gatesgarth Haystacks can be seen to the top right of what can only be described as an amp theatre of mountains with 2 carving paths through, The Scarth Gap and the quarry road. Naturally we deferred to find a much more interesting assent and found a gully by following the path over the river and up winding path. This was a good 50ft vertical climb, wet and slippery so a lot of care was taken. We then followed the route across Blackbeck Tarn to the summit of Haystacks. We intended to go on to The Pillar but winter sun does not last very long so decided to descend down through the Scarth Gap back to Buttermere. On the decent I felt the first of many pains to come in my left knee which will be followed up in later Diary's. Great day with a very nice grade 2 scramble.


Very carefull climb up this gully..... wet and slippery.

Great Gable and Blackbeck Tarn, stunning

Gatesgarth from Haystacks

Red Pike, High Style and High Crag

Haystacks the Movie.... Enjoy

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