Helvelly 8th December

The Northern Climbers

Helvellyn Via Striding Edge 8th December



At the end of 2 ridges lies the beautiful and stunning Helvellyn. The second highest peak in the lake district and the highest of the Northern Fells. Approaches can come from the North across Great Dodd, The Raise or South through Nethermost Pike. But the shot below is what Helvellyn is famous for, Striding Edge and Swirrel Edge. In the winter these ridges are not for the faint of heart and require Ice Axe and Crampons at the best of times. Through the summer it becomes a very popular route for all walkers as the paths across are both visible and can be traversed with greater ease. These 2 ridges are arguably the most popular in the Lake District as provides both great views across the Fells and down to Red Tarn but also raised the pulse of any walker. Pictures can’t do this justice, see it to believe it.




Route to the Hole in The Wall from Glenriddding, more false peaks



Striding Edge from the shoulder, wasnt that bad.......Honest



Helvellyn The Movie......Enjoy

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