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Helvellyn Via Striding Edge Easter Special

Diary 30/03/2013

After the heavy snow in March our planned climb on Easter Sunday looked to be more serious then first thought. We were one of the first into Glenridding that morning at 7am. This was a little alarming as it is usually buzzing at that time with walkers. I started to think people knew something we didn’t. It turned into a blistering day. Striding was a very claggy start but cleared on the shoulder to reveal a stunning day that left its red mark the day after. We had a visit from the RAF but not in the bad way they were out training, which was a nice treat to see the Sea King. Snow sliding down the back of the Castycam was a great experience and saved some time. Used my New camera for the shots below. Helvellyn is still as stunning as my first climb up her. She offers a great day in the Alpine conditions that needs respect and preparation.


Perfect Picture....... Striding to Helvellyn summit down Swirrel Edge to the Castycam, from left to right

Place Fell and Glenridding

St Sunday Crag.....Clagging up

Looking East towards Kidsty Pike

Ready for Striding Edge.....If we could even see it.

3rd Chimney on Striding Edge

Striding Edge now Clear from the shoulder of Helvellyn

Summit Of Helvellyn and Pose

Our Visitor out training

Helvellyn Easter Special The Movie

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