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Steven Jones


Steve is 31 now and has been climbing for 2 years. He lives in Newcastle with his family and works for Sage UK. Steve has had a lot of experiences through his life, his first hobby was DJing and played for a local agency and made great friends and experiences through this. His fitness has always been important to him after having serious heart issues when he was younger. Steve and his Fiancé Emma have a little boy named Lucas. Lucas was born 10 weeks premature and the care he and Emma received by the RVI hospital and the charity Tiny Lives Fund helped to save their lives. Steven has gone out to give something back and in 2012 completed the Great North Run and raised over five hundred pounds. From here he has started to push towards a dream of his to climb a Himalayan or Alpine Mountain and in 2014 or 2015 will be climbing Mont Blanc with as much proceeds going to Tiny Lives. His training has taken him in to The Lake District over the winter months with some serious Alpine condition climbs up Helvelly and Blancathra. He aims to continue with his training over the next 18 months to help balance his strength and endurance for the task in hand. But as he would say it won’t stop there. He hopes to Bring Lucas more into Climbing as he gets older and can’t wait to take him onto some peaks.


Jonathan Jones


Jonathan is 23, and has been involved in outdoor pursuits since the day he was introduced to a climbing wall at the tender age of 11 by a very patient history teacher and he fell in love. It has been a relationship of highs and lows as the limbo of day to day life can interfere with this love affair. He studied photography at college and then went on to work in a totally unrelated field and is more comfortable on a snow covered mountain than he is in a nightclub and as often as he can will be found clinging to some sort of surface with a perilous drop below. His job usually has him working away from home but his home will always be in the north east. He plans to accompany Steve on his charitable quest in aid of the organisation that saved the lives both his nephew and sister in law, with the additional aim to raise money for the Royal Marines Association.


Lee Roe


Lee is 24 years old and has almost a decade of climbing experience under his belt - the lion's share of which he acquired in the Lake District where he is fortunate enough to live and work at an outdoors centre near Keswick. A long-time friend of the Jones' family, Lee was happy to get on board with this project and accompany his friends as they explore the most beautiful corners of Britain. A keen fitness enthusiast, Lee is looking to combine his love of running with his passion for mountains by getting involved in fell-running this summer. He's also hard at work building up his fitness for a gruelling high level trek to Everest Base Camp which he'll be attempting in November so stay tuned to TheNorthernClimbers for updates over the coming months!

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